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Gardening is an art which involves growing plants in order to beautify the surroundings. Gardening can be carried out at one’s residence or public parks, botanical gardens; theme parks etc.Gardening provides various benefits. A study conducted by American Journal of Public Health has shown that reduced medical costs were associated with gardening.

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The most basic thing for starting a garden. Prepare the seeds indoor so as to get an early bloom. Seeds can be prepared using the same conditions as used outside. Use sterile soil otherwise the seeds may develop a fungus known as Damping-off Disease which is caused because of fungi present in the soil. Make efficient use of artificial or natural light to germinate the seeds otherwise the seedlings may become spindly. Artificial lights may have to be used up to 14 hours a day. Keep the medium for e.g. sponge moist rather than soggy. Too much water may kill the seeds. Plant them outside only when they are fit for transplanting generally four to six weeks after germination.


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Gardening is a rewarding hobby and an effective way to add more nature into your life


If you’re thinking about growing some plants yourself, see this web-site for expert advice on how to start a green garden that’s sustainable and beautiful.

Nurturing Nature in a Man Made Cradle

Here are certain tips on how to start a garden and maintain it.

Organic Gardening

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Organic gardening is revolutionizing the way we do our gardening keeping in mind the environment around us. It involves doing away with harmful chemicals and pesticides and using natural products to grow our fruits and vegetables. The natural way of increasing the fertility of the soil is through the use of decayed plant and animal matters and manures. Organic gardening involves duplicating these nutrients by recycling them back into the soil. Organically cured soil is rich in microscopic life which benefits the plants. Artificial fertilizers and pesticides disrupt the nature’s balance. It is even costlier compared to organic gardening. In other way it can be said that organic gardening involves respecting our flora and fauna. The various techniques of organic gardening are No Dig Gardening and Companion Planting.

Hydroponic Gardening

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As the name suggests Hydroponic Gardening refers to the cultivation of plants in water. Since different media or aggregates are used for growing a plant Hydroponic Gardening can be broadly defined as cultivation of plants without soil. Hydroponic technique has been adopted because of lack of availability of fertile lands. Hydroponic Gardening involves growing of plants in water mixed with nutrients. Although hydroponics was used as a research technique for nearly a century it was only in 1929 that experiments were conducted to determine its commercial feasibility. Commercially it’s becoming popular in United States and other countries.

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