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Black Jewel Orchid

Black Jewel Orchid

The Black Jewel Orchid (Ludisia discolor) is a beautiful and unique orchid species native to Asia. It is a popular houseplant due to its easy care and interesting markings. This orchid is characterized by dark leaves, bright pink to purple-red flowers and velvety texture.

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Black Jewel Orchid - 4\
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FlowerPotNursery Black Jewel Orchid Ludisia discolor 4\
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Black Jewel Orchid


Leaves: The Black Jewel Orchid features two broad, dark green leaves with a velvety texture. The leaves can grow up to 7 inches long, and are slightly lighter in color at the leaves’ base.

Flowers: During blooming season, the Black Jewel Orchid produces pinkish to deep purple-red flowers. Each blossoming flower can measure anywhere from 4-7 cm in diameter. The flowers are long-lasting, typically lasting up to three months.


The Black Jewel Orchid is a fairly hardy plant, and will tolerate some neglect. It does best when kept in light, airy spots and does not do well in direct sunlight. The soil should be kept slightlymoist and fertilizer should be used every other month. Repotting should be done every two years.


The Black Jewel Orchid is a stunning, easy-care houseplant. Its unique dark and velvety leaves combined with its beautiful blossoms make the Black Jewel Orchid the perfect addition to any home or garden. With a little bit of TLC, this orchid will be sure to bring joy and beauty to your home.

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