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Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Container gardening is just another way for gardeners to get creative. This is a great alternative to the traditional garden for many people lacking the space. You can cultivate vegetables, herbs, and plants year round in most cases. Most containers consist of a pot with soil in it. The plants can be planted directly into these pots by either seed or plant. There has also been extensive development in smaller vegetable varieties which thrive in pots as opposed to the ground. Containers can add character to your yard, porch, patio, or inside your house. You can have fresh herbs any time of the year right in your kitchen. You can also raise uncommon tropical plants in your house, which may not thrive in the environment that you live in. You can also grow your own salad pots!

How to plant your own herb garden in a pot!

How to plant your own salad pot!

What to use for Pots

You can get very creative here. There are many pots that are commercially available to gardeners. You can choose one that reflects your style and goes with your decor. There are hanging pots for the plants that tend to climb and pots that sit on the ground. Get creative! There are many useful objects that can be used as a flower pot. Virtually anything that can hold soil and withstand moisture can be used as a pot. Go to garage sales, flea markets, or antique stores. You can use old washtubs, buckets, and wooden boxes. Fill these with your favorite veggies or flowers. There are also many containers available that are specially designed for growing vegetables. The are usually black to absorb the sunlight, plastic, and have an easy watering system. Have fun with this and be creative. This is one way you can add a personal touch to your yard.

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do:

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