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Garden fountain ideas

A garden fountain is a beautiful addition to any garden. It helps create a calming ambiance while also providing a source of water for birds and other beneficial wildlife. The sound of running water also brings a sense of peacefulness to the garden, making it a great spot for relaxation.

Garden fountain photos:

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Garden fountain ideas

Outdoor Garden Fountain Ideas

β€’ Submerged Bubble Fountain – Create a calming atmosphere in your garden with a submerged bubble fountain. Typically built from stones, this type of fountain provides a soothing and calming atmosphere to any surrounding.

β€’ Wind Spinner – Make a unique feature to your garden with the addition of some eye-catching wind spinners. A simple and budget-friendly way to give your space some character and movement.

β€’ Recirculating Waterfall – Add a little drama to your space with a recirculating waterfall. With this idea you can craft an impressive-looking cascading waterfall without breaking the bank.

Indoor Garden Fountain Ideas

β€’ Hanging Wall Fountain – Install a small fountain on a wall inside your home and enjoy the sound of trickling water. Hang a terracotta pot, ceramic planting dish or even a glass vase for an eye-catching display.

β€’ Tabletop Fountain – Add a tranquil atmosphere to any room with a tabletop fountain. These come in a range of styles from pristinely formal and classic to playful, lighthearted designs.

β€’ Zen Garden – Create a soothing landscape in the comfort of your own home. A Japanese-style zen garden comes complete with a fountain and various types of rocks and sand.

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