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West indian jasmine

A well known house plant, the West Indian Jasmine is a lovely flowering vine with fragrant white flowers that bloom throughout the summer. The flowers are followed by small, juicy, orange fruit. Highly adaptable to different light conditions and indoor temperatures, this plant is a good choice for people who want to try growing a tropical plant.

A Photo of Flower West Indian Jasmine Stock Photo - Image of florist,  asian: 23489422
West Indian Jasmine, Flowers, Pink Flowers, Ixora, Shrub, Leaves, Blossom,  Bloom, Plant, Flowering Plant, Ornamental Plant - Pikist
Closeup of the West Indian Jasmine. Ixora Stock Photo - Alamy
Red West Indian Jasmine Flower (Ixora macrothyrsa) in the backyard  flower... - License, download or print for £1.24 - Photos - Picfair
Ixora chinensis lamk flower containing flower, red, and west indian jasmine  - High-Quality Nature Stock Photos ~ Creative Market
West Indian Jasmine: How to Plant and Grow Ixora - West indian, Plants,  Bright flowers
West Indian Jasmine : r/BotanicalPorn
Flowers Ixora Commonly Known West Indian Jasmine Include Viruchi Rangan  Stock Photo by ©cheattha 478549604
Beautiful bush of a West Indian Jasmine flowering plant (Ixora) in the  sunshine Stock Photo - Alamy
West Indian Jasmine Flower Flower Blossom in a Garden. Red Spike Flower.  King Ixora Blooming-image Stock Photo - Image of flora, decoration:  149875708
Red flower close-up West Indian Jasmine - Royalty Free Stock Photo  110958473 - Avopix.com
West Indian Jasmine
West Indian Jasmine, Image  Photo (Free Trial) - Bigstock
West Indian Jasmine- Ixora - YouTube
West Indian Jasmine Flowers Pink - Free photo on Pixabay
Bunch of Red Ixora, West Indian Jasmine, Closeup 1182029 Stock Photo at  Vecteezy
West Indian jasmine - Apocynaceae (dogbane, or oleander fami… - Flickr
Orange Ixora West Indian Jasmine Jungle Stock Photo (Edit Now) 1279734961
West Indian Jasmine Image  Photo (Free Trial) - Bigstock
Bouquet Ixora Flower West Indian Jasmine Stock Photo (Edit Now) 211074340
West Indian Jasmine - Free Image by Aakash Kumar on PixaHive.com
West Indian Jasmine Flowers Plant - Free photo on Pixabay
Yellow West Indian Jasmine, Ixora Sp. Stock Image - Image of green, tiny:  157176163
West Indian Jasmine Is A Low Shrub In A Potted Stock Photo - Download Image  Now - iStock
Close up Red West Indian Jasmine Flowers, Beautiful nature. Red Ixora  flowers with green leaves Stock Photo - Alamy
West Indian Jasmine Ixora Red Tropical Stock Photo (Edit Now) 772994185
Ixora, the West Indian Jasmine 💓 - fvtinvbihvh - VSCO
Ixora, West Indian Jasmine, fabulous yellow Flowers free image download
Red west Indian Jasmine stock photo. Image of rubiaceae - 44283068
Image of West Indian Jasmine Flowers With Green Leaves-FY241956-Picxy

West Indian Jasmine is a semi-evergreen shrub with green, bell-shaped flowers. Its foliage is thin and leathery, but the shrub looks attractive when the leaves turn red or brown in the fall. The shrub grows up to 10 feet tall and about as wide. It is a hardy plant and can be grown in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 12.

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