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This is one of the most surreal plants on the planet. Also known as a “living fossil”, the Welwitschia mirabilis is a species of gymnosperm found in the desert-like regions of Namibia, Angola, and the Richtersveld in South Africa. A Welwitschia is one of the most interesting plants on Earth because of its appearance, longevity, and reproductive method.

This is Welwitschia, the desert plant that \
Welwitschia (Welwitschia Mirabilis) Plant Growing In The Hot Arid Namib  Desert Of Angola And Namibia Stock Photo - Alamy
Largest Known Welwitschia Mirabilis Plant Growing in the Hot Arid Namib  Desert of Angola Stock Image - Image of endemic, namibia: 81023577
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Welwitschia mirabilis, 1863 by Walter Hood Fitch - Paper Print - The  Huntington Custom Prints - Custom Prints and Framing From The Huntington  Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens
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Welwitschia Mirabilis, Strange Old Prehistoric Desert Plant, Namibia Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 96789304.
Welwitschia mirabilis - Bessey Greenhouse (Richard W. Pohl Conservatory)
Welwitschia mirabilis · Natusfera
Welwitschia mirabilis liner Royalty Free Vector Image
Welwitschia mirabilis Swakopmund Desierto Namib Namibia Africa Stock Photo  - Alamy
Welwitschia Mirabilis Plant in Nature Garden Stock Photo - Image of green,  cactus: 179094688
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Welwitschia mirabilis plant in the desert, Namibe Province, Virei, Angola -  License, download or print for £71.55 - Photos - Picfair
Welwitschia plant (Welwitschia mirabilis) Kunene region, Namibia, Africa,  May 2013 Stock Photo - Alamy
Blooming Welwitschia Mirabilis Desert Central Namibia Stock Photo (Edit  Now) 1133096975

There are many things to see in this world and a lot of them are really worth of seeing, but there are few, that are way too uncommon and less likely to be seen by people, who are not really interested in the nature and animals. One of the most unusual and rare plants on our planet is known across the world as Welwitschia Mirabilis.

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