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Strangler Fig

The strangler fig is a fig (genus Ficus) that begins life as an epiphyte, sending roots down to the ground, strangling the host tree and eventually replacing it. It is found around the world in tropical and subtropical climates and is able to grow in a wide range of habitats.

Being strangled may save this tree's life - Science - AAAS
Strangler fig tree Con Dao Island, Vietnam Stock Photo - Alamy
Why Is The Strangler Fig Tree Called So? - WorldAtlas
Strangler Fig Tree In The Tropical Forest Of North Queensland Australia  Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 118434679.
Strangler fig closeup Stock Photo by ©prill 255762480
Strangler Fig Tree in the Tropical Forest Close Up View Stock Photo - Image  of rainforest, outdoor: 130139576
Rainforest Tree of the Month, September 2020 – Strangler Figs – Paluma –  our village in the mist
Strangler Fig - Chitwan National Park, Nepal - cowyeow - Flickr
Strangler Fig Tree in a Rainforest. Stock Photo - Image of rainforest,  forest: 139683470
Strangler Fig Trees Engulfing Ancient Ruins Of Ta Prohm Stock Photo,  Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 13625780.
Banyan Strangler Fig Tree Photograph by Martin Konopacki
Giant strangler fig trees growing over temple, Angkor Wat (or Angkor Vat) -  Khmer temple, Angkor, Cambodia Stock Photo - Alamy
Young Strangler Fig - Natpacker
Ficus Watkinsiana Commonly Known Strangler Fig Stock Photo (Edit Now)  1489513616
Strangler fig bonsai?! Say what?! – Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog
Strangler Fig Tree Path Ficus Aurea Stock Photo - Image of traveled, plant:  175113274

The strangler fig tree is one of the most popular ornamental trees within Australia. These trees are characterised by their beautiful, heart shaped leaves and their ability to grow in a variety of different positions; however, they can be destructive to other trees if they happen to be planted close by.

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