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Popular Roses in the New Garden

Popular Roses

There are lots of roses to choose from and some are high maintenance others not so much.  So the trend for the novice has been to pick roses with a more forgiving nature for lack of horticulturist care.  Nothing is more disappointing than to have your first attempt to grow a beautiful rose turn out to be a sad looking plant.  Here are a few that are not requiring as much TLC as others might need.

Knock Out Rose Bush:

All the rage is the new Knock Out roses.  They are trouble free, extremely disease resistant, but they have a vibrant new color.  They are resistant to diseases and pests that other roses have problems with.  Extreme heat, cold, rain or drought and they still thrive.  You don’t have to dead head with these either, new flowers just keep coming.  They are the perfect landscape plant with lots of color for months on end.  Grows 3 to 4 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide.

Bonica Rose:

The Bonica rose is pretty trouble free.  It is a hardy shrub with an abundance of beautiful clusters of blooms and deep glossy green leaves.  It is the perfect landscape rose.  Shrub rose that will grow three to five feet in height and about four to five feet wide.  Could be used as a focal point in the flower garden or would make a fabulous flowering hedge.

Meidiland Rose:

The meidiland rose is the perfect hardy ground cover.  Plant in an area where you want coverage, such as a slope or a bank. The “White Meidiland”, raised in 1987 is possibly the prettiest of these, adorning ivory-white flowers and glossy bright green foliage.  It is easy to take care of, you can prune it short or even if was walked on or died back in the cold months, it would still comeback in the spring.

Don Juan Rose:

This is a beautiful deep red rose with dark green leaves, with a wonderful fragrance and blossoms of up to five inches across. It is a moderately vigorous climber and is the perfect rose for training on a trellis, arbor and it would be stunning against a white wall.  In warmer regions it can grow up to 15 feet with support.  It is generally disease resistant.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are the most popular type of rose and are known for their large, elegant blooms that are held on long stems. They are typically hybridized for their large, beautiful flowers and long stems, which make them ideal for cutting and arranging in vases. Some popular hybrid tea roses include:

  1. “Peace” – a pale yellow rose with a strong, sweet fragrance.
  2. “Mr. Lincoln” – a deep red rose with a strong, fruity fragrance.
  3. “Chicago Peace” – a peach-pink rose with a light, fruity fragrance.

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are perfect for covering walls, fences, and arbors. They can be trained to grow vertically, providing an elegant and dramatic display of blooms. Some popular climbing roses include:

  1. “Wedding Day” – a white climbing rose with a light, sweet fragrance.
  2. “New Dawn” – a pink climbing rose with a light, fruity fragrance.
  3. “Golden Showers” – a yellow climbing rose with a light, sweet fragrance.

Shrub Roses

Shrub roses are a group of roses that are known for their hardiness and ease of care. They are typically smaller in size and can be used as a hedge, groundcover, or as a standalone specimen. Some popular shrub roses include:

  1. “Knock Out” – a red shrub rose with a light, fruity fragrance.
  2. “Carefree Wonder” – a pink shrub rose with a light, fruity fragrance.
  3. “The Fairy” – a small, pink shrub rose with a light, sweet fragrance.

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are perfect for small gardens, container gardens or for planting in rock gardens. They are smaller in size and are known for their cute, miniature blooms. Some popular miniature roses include:

  1. “Tom Thumb” – a small, red rose with a light, sweet fragrance.
  2. “Miniflora” – a small, pink rose with a light, sweet fragrance.
  3. “Tiny Treasure” – a small, yellow rose with a light, sweet fragrance.


Which roses are most fragrant?

Hybrid tea roses and shrub roses are known for their strong fragrances. Some popular fragrant roses include “Peace,” “Mr. Lincoln,” “Chicago Peace,” “Wedding Day,” and “New Dawn.”

Can roses be grown in containers?

Yes, roses can be grown in containers. Miniature roses are particularly well-suited for container gardens, but any type of rose can be grown in a container as long as it has adequate drainage and enough room for the roots to grow.

How often should I fertilize my roses?

Roses should be fertilized every 4-6 weeks during the growing season. It’s best to use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer.

Are there any roses that are resistant to disease?

Yes, there are roses that are known for their disease resistance. “Knock Out” and “Carefree Wonder” are known for their resistance to disease.

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