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Pictures of Tropical Plants

Pictures of Tropical Plants

We live in a world where over 70% of the planet is covered by tropical rain forests. The Amazon, the Congo and much of South America, Africa and Asia share this common heritage.

Pictures of tropical plants:

Leaves tropical plants Royalty Free Vector Image
Sun Tolerant Tropical Plants: Best Tropical Plants For Full Sun Locations
Watercolor tropical flowers, leaves and plants Stock Photo by ©lisagerrard  330786338
Tropical plants Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock
Houseplants Tropical Plants Pots Exotic Flowers Stock Vector (Royalty Free)  1641767230
Collection of Watercolor Tropical Plants and Flowers Stock Illustration -  Illustration of invitation, colorful: 144225284
Watercolor Tropical Plants Set. Exotic Flowers, Monstera and Palm Leaves  Stock Photo - Image of forest, green: 157449130
Watercolor tropical plants for your designs Stock Vector Image by ©mart_m  #77410652
Garden Answers - Plant Identification App - Plant leaves, Plant  identification, Plants

Tropical plants have helped us survive for thousands of years, and are still vital to our health today.

In fact, there are so many varieties of tropical plants that we don’t even know their names yet! That’s not just because they look similar — there is a deeper reason too (we will get to this later).

The reason we need to care about tropical plants is that they are one of the few ecosystems which endure through climate change in an unaffected way. Their role is central to the natural cycles on Earth that keep everyone alive, and it forms the foundation for what makes us human (in a way).

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