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Japanese skimmia

If you have read my blog before you know that I am a big fan of bonsai. I have several including a Japanese skimmia.

I love the red berries and gray leaves of this plant. They come in a variety of colors, but I prefer the gray leaves over pink or red.

Japanese Skimmia Skimmia Japonica Buds Stock Photo by ©ZanozaRu 263365684
Female Japanese Skimmia - Bower  Branch
Skimmia japonica - Landscape Plants - Oregon State University
Japanese Skimmia Skimmia Japonica Buds Stock Photo by ©ZanozaRu 263365732
Japanese Skimmia, Skimmia Japonica Stock Image - Image of oval, leaves:  145700173
Skimia Japonica Japanese Skimmia - Free photo on Pixabay
How to grow and care for skimmia - Love The Garden
Buy Japanese skimmia (female) Skimmia japonica Obsession ('Obsbolwi')  (PBR): £39.99 Delivery by Crocus
Japanese Skimmia (Skimmia japonica), with flowers and fruits Stock Photo -  Alamy
Japanese Skimmia - Skimmia japonica - Small Evergreen Shrub - YouTube
Japanese Skimmia, Skimmia japonica, Rutaceae Stock Photo - Alamy
Buy Japanese skimmia (male) Skimmia japonica 'Magic Marlot (PBR)': Delivery  by Waitrose Garden
White Decorative Fragrant Skimmia Japonica Flowers. Japanese Skimmia  Flowering Ornamental Plant Background Pattern Stock Photo, Picture And  Royalty Free Image. Image 135087305.
japanese skimmia shrub - Google Search - Evergreen shrubs, Shrubs, Plants
Skimmia Japonica Flowers or Japanese Skimmia Flowering Plant Stock Photo -  Image of countryside, green: 165515676
The Japanese skimmia flower is a delightful addition to the home in spring. The plant grows well in pots or in the ground, where it can reach up to six feet tall. It is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 5 through 9 and produces an abundance of fragrant flowers from spring into early summer. Skimmia leaves are evergreen, turning an attractive red color in the winter.

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