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Garden plant design

Planning is essential for a successful garden.

Garden plant design photos:

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Garden plant design

• Design: Consider factors such as the size of the garden, available light, soil type, and theme when designing the garden.
• Layout: Begin organizing the garden from within: its shape, size, and structure.

Choosing the Right Plants

Selecting the best plants for the climate is key to a successful garden.
• Sunlight: Test your yard by placing a piece of white paper in different areas to check how much direct sunlight is available.
• Soil: Buy a soil testing kit to know what type of soil is in your garden.
• Variety: Choose a variety of plants, colours and textures for a balanced garden.

Watering and Care

Regular watering and maintenance are key for a healthy garden.
• Water: Monitor how much water the plants need each day and adjust accordingly.
• Pruning: Prune overgrown plants regularly to avoid pests and diseases.
• Fertilizer: Use natural or organic fertilizers to keep the soil nutrient-rich.

Harvesting and Enjoying

Harvesting and appreciating the fruits of your labour is the best part of gardening.
• Harvest: Wait until the vegetables and fruits are ripe before harvesting them.
• Cook: Put the vegetables to good use by cooking healthy meals.
• Relax: Taking the time to enjoy your garden can be a great way to relax.

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