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Dragon arum

Dragon arum is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae with roughly 250 species and about 18 genera. Most are perennial herbs, but some are annuals. The flowers, which can be pale pink or deep purple, resemble those of the unopened female flowers of the iris family (Irises) and are called flower buds. They are placed on a long stellate scale which forms a funnel-shaped receptacle above the leaves (or pseudobulbs). The seeds cannot be seen from outside; they are enclosed within non-porous perianths or pilose sheath which may be orange to red. Most species have between eight and twelve leaves, but many have fewer. Each species produces several different kinds of seeds and may have hundreds of different types of seed pods.

Dragon arum photos:

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Dragon Arum, Dracunculus vulgaris, in flower, Crete, Greece. Attracts flies  by carrion smell Stock Photo - Alamy
Dragon Arum - Dracunculus Vulgaris or Dragon Lily Growing in Garden Stock  Image - Image of bloom, plant: 227334629
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Dragon arum

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