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What is Garden Home?

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A garden home, also known as a patio home or villa, is a type of residential property that combines the features of a single-family home with those of a townhouse or condo. These homes typically feature small, private yards or gardens, and may be part of a larger community with shared amenities such as pools or parks.

Design and Layout

Garden homes are typically smaller in size than traditional single-family homes and are designed to be low-maintenance. They often have an open floor plan, with the living areas, kitchen, and dining areas flowing together in one space. Bedrooms and bathrooms are usually located on the second floor. Garden homes are typically built in a cluster, with several homes sharing a common wall, similar to townhouses.


One of the main attractions of a garden home is the shared amenities that are often offered. These may include swimming pools, parks, and walking trails. Some communities may also have a clubhouse or community center where residents can socialize and participate in activities.

Freedom in the green house, you can barbecue


The cost of a garden home can vary depending on the location and the amenities offered. On average, they tend to be less expensive than traditional single-family homes, but more expensive than condos or townhouses. Maintenance fees may also be assessed, to cover the cost of maintaining the shared amenities and common areas.


One of the main benefits of a garden home is the low-maintenance aspect. These homes are designed for people who want to enjoy a single-family home lifestyle but do not want the hassle of maintaining a large property. The shared amenities and common areas are typically maintained by the homeowners association, leaving residents free to enjoy their own private outdoor space.


What is the difference between a garden home and a townhouse?

A garden home is similar to a townhouse in that they are both part of a larger community and share walls with neighboring homes. However, garden homes typically have private outdoor space, such as a small yard or garden, and may have shared amenities like a swimming pool or park. Townhouses do not typically have private outdoor space and may not have as many shared amenities.

Are garden homes suitable for families?

Yes, garden homes can be a great option for families. They offer more privacy and outdoor space than condos or apartments, and the shared amenities can provide opportunities for children to play and socialize with their neighbors.

How much does it cost to maintain a garden home?

The cost of maintaining a garden home can vary depending on the specific community and the amenities offered. Some communities may have a homeowners association that assesses monthly or annual fees to cover the cost of maintaining the shared amenities and common areas.

Are garden homes only available in certain areas?

Garden homes can be found in many different regions and are becoming increasingly popular in urban and suburban areas. They are typically found in planned communities, where several homes are built together and share common amenities.

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The benefits of living in a garden home:

  • It provides a sense of community and privacy
  • It reduces families’ commute time (the average American has only one car)
  • It helps conserve energy
  • It allows families to enjoy nature by letting them create sustainable gardens on site
  • It encourages sustainability by minimizing waste
  • Allows children to play outside without being cooped up indoors

Quartz recently wrote an article about urban garden homes that I found particularly interesting. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I highly recommend it.


Garden homes are a type of housing that has advantages and disadvantages.

They provide shelter, but they also provide privacy; they allow families to live apart, but not without inconvenience to others; and they are less expensive than conventional single-family homes.

They are an interesting type of housing.

They make people think about their place in the world, but they also appeal to people who want something different, who want to do something different. That’s why most people still call them “garden homes” it sounds nicer than “garden apartments” or “green homes.”

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