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Vanilla Flower

Vanilla’s complex aromatic profile and its high price have made vanilla one of the most sought-after spices in the world. It is a tropical vine that can climb to 20m (66ft) or more. Its fruit is produced by hand-pollination of the flowers. In contrast to its rather simple production, the phytochemicals involved in vanilla flavor are very complex and far from being completely understood.

Vanilla Flower 3D model - Plants on Hum3D
Dried vanilla sticks and orchid vanilla flower isolated on white Stock  Photo by ©Valentyn_Volkov 271311076
Vanilla flower isolated Royalty Free Vector Image
Exotic vanilla flower Stock Photo by ©belchonock 174355988
Vanilla - Wikipedia
Growing Vanilla Orchids: Tips For Vanilla Orchid Care
Vanilla flower sticks and leaves isolated Stock Photo by ©Kovaleva_Ka  152803192
Realistic Vanilla Flower With Dry Sticks. Vector Yellow Orchid Blossom With  Vanilla Pod Beans. Aromatic Flavor, Natural Condiment. Delicious Cooking  Ingredient. 3d Indian Seasoning Illustration Royalty Free Cliparts,  Vectors, And Stock Illustration.
Vanilla flower, vanilla spice Hand drawing style Vector illustration -  stock vector - Crushpixel
Vanilla Flower In The Centre On Beans Isolated On White Background As  Package Design Element Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image  78223583.
Vanilla flower 2 beans isolated on white background as package design  element Stock Photo - Alamy
Vanilla orchid vanilla flower isolated on white background Stock Photo -  Alamy
Realistic Vector Isolated Vanilla Sticks Vanilla Flowers Yellow White Stock  Vector Image by ©Good_Job #352792402
Vanilla flower and vanilla bean on white background - Stock Photo - Dissolve
Bourbon Vanilla Seeds (Vanilla planifolia) - Price: €3.50

Vanilla flowers are a cousin to the vanilla orchid. Vanilla orchids grow on vines, while vanilla flowers grow on trees. Vanilla flowers are the most potent part of the vanilla orchid, and contain almost all the flavor. Vanilla flowers are rare and expensive, but can be added as an ingredient for a more intense flavor.

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