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Primrose Flowers

The primrose is a perennial plant, growing 3 to 6 inches tall, that grows in temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere and in the foothills of the Alps. The plant has a creeping subterranean stem, that sends out roots from the tubers at intervals of 1–2 inches. This spreading habit can make them a garden invader if not controlled. The leaves are green and downy, and the flowers are yellow.

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The Primroses are the prime representative of the Onagraceae family in our gardens, and whilst there are a few wild species, most of those grown for the garden are hybrids, which have been produced by crossing various species to produce a whole range of differing colours and forms. Primroses do best in a well-drained soil with a neutral pH, in full sun or part shade. They can be propagated either from seed or by division.

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