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Coral vine

Coral vine, scientifically known as Antigonon leptopus, is an attractive, fast-growing perennial plant native to Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean nations. It is a climber with compound leaves and woody stems that can be used as a decoration in the garden and even indoors. Despite its beauty, coral vine is listed as an invasive species in some countries because it tends to spread rapidly through seeds, stems, and underground tubers.

Coral vine photos:

Antigonon Leptopus β€œCoral Vine” – Aloha Tropicals
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Antigonon Leptopus Or Coral Vine In The Garden Stock Photo, Picture And  Royalty Free Image. Image 84050199.
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Beautiful Pink Coral Vine, Mexican Creeper Or Chain Of Love Flowers With  Flying Bee Around Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image  28185168.
Beautiful Mexican Creeper Flower in the Garden.Antigonon Leptopus, Commonly  Known As Coral Vine, Coralita or San Miguelito Vine. Stock Image - Image of  evergreen, leptopus: 197446243
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Coral vine


Coral vine can be used for a variety of purposes and is often found climbing up pergolas and arbors in gardens and in large ornamental containers indoors. Its foliage is usually bright green, but it can also be variegated for a more vibrant effect. The flowers are showy and come in pink, white, and purple hues, with a large variety of shapes and sizes.

Care & Maintenance

Coral vine is a hardy plant, but it will require some maintenance in order to keep it looking its best. It needs to be fertilized regularly and can benefit from an occasional pruning to remove dead wood and train it to climb in a desired shape. It is also important to keep an eye out for pests such as aphids and scale and use an appropriate insecticide to control them if necessary.


Coral vine can be propagated from cuttings or seed, but the best way to ensure success is to use divided clumps. Once established, it will grow quickly and easily spread around a garden and can even be used as a ground cover. Tubers are able to survive cold temperatures and should be dug up if the plant needs to be moved or thinned out.


Coral vine is a beautiful and versatile plant that can be used for a variety of purposes, both indoors and out. It is generally easy to take care of, but it can be an invasive species in some areas, so it is important to keep it under control. With proper maintenance and careful cultivation, coral vine is sure to be a stunning addition to any garden or home.

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